Combating the damage and libel of Shannon Stoy.


Consecutive Days Lying for Christina Stoy








Christina Stoy printed a libelous article and interview about me. When I approached her about it, she said Name one lie. Name one mistruth that is not an opinion, if it can be substantiated, I will absolutely correct it without pause.


However, when I corrected her and itemized her lies and libel, she responded not by correcting any of it. Rather, she refused to publish my correction and left it all in place.




Christina Stoy


During one of our exchanges, Christina Stoy at said this to me :

Again, at not time did I allege you abducted the child you cannot refer to by name although you were compelled to look for her for hours, and endure this ” scrutiny”.

Early in our exchanges, and having already read her article and listened to her interview, I was pretty sure that Christina Stoy was an irrational, illogical person. 

This was an insight beyond her lack of reason, and a look at her malicious and exploitative nature. 

In one breath, she defends herself by saying she is accusing me of nothing, and then insinuating I am guilty of something.

the child you cannot refer to by name”

What does she mean by that?

She’s not attacking  my memory.

She’s insinuating that I am guilty and feeling guilty and can’t say the name of the child that I abducted. Of course, I didn’t abduct anyone, and I’m not guilty of any wrongdoing. But that did not stop Christina Stoy from insinuating that I did.

Christina Stoy has a talent for dropping insinuation and speculation in little bits to build an impression or “compelling schematic”, as she calls it. Then, when called on it, as I did, she will reply “I haven’t accused you of anything!”.

If phrasing like “the child you cannot refer to by name”isn’t an accusation, it sure sounds like one. I’d like to know what she did mean, if not accusing me of wrongdoing.

For what it’s worth, in my campaign against the terrible work of Christina Stoy, I’ve never once tagged a post or web page with the name of my nieghbor’s daughter. I cannot, in good conscience, exploit the name of an abducted child for my own personal gain. Christina Stoy and I differ in that regard, she has built her name on the exploitation of the names of the world’s victims. Just look at the tagging on her website :

Aruba,Becky Celis,Beth Holloway,Blink,Dana Pretzer Show,Dave Holloway,David Durham,Dede Spicher,Desiree Young,Gary Schultz,Graham Spanier,Isabel Celis,Jason Wishert,Jason Wishert Wishart,Jerry Sandusky,Joe Paterno,Joran Van Der Sloot,Jossy Monsur,Justin Mastromarino,Kaine Horman,Kristian Horman,Kyron Horman,Laura Rackner,Michael Cook,Mike McQueary,Missing Persons,Murdered,Natalee Holloway,Nathan McDonald,Nittany Nightmare,Penn State University,Peter Bunch,Pima County Police Department,Pumala,Rebecca Snyder,Republic of Suriname,Rodney Erickson,Rudy Sanchez,Scared Monkeys Radio,Sergio Celis,Stephen Houze,Terri Horman,Tim Curley,Tucson Police Dept,Uncategorized

That is the tag at the top of an article simply saying : Editor In Chief, will be on location through Tuesday June 12  to bring you updates in the following cases over the next 2 weeks: (link to previous articles)

Christina Stoy’s website is littered with the names of victims, exploited for hits to her website.

From her the comments section of her article about me (, Christina Stoy posted :


It is time for LE to release additional details. I beg them to do better than so many cases we see lately that have released details after 20+ years.


Given that she totally botched her coverage of the document dump by Tucson Police, and she has refused to print the exclusive release of the letter from Tucson Police that I gave her, I wonder why she wants more information.

I would think that before moving on to tackle more information by LE, she would be better off correcting her mistakes from the existing release, and publishing the exclusive release I shared with her.

Of course, that is not the MO of Christina Stoy or Blinkoncrime. Rather, she’ll just keep blundering along.


At the very least, she had posted her original article as a two piece article, but never followed through with the second piece. She’s like a child who threw part of her dinner on the floor, still has some dinner on her plate, is trying to put her fork in her ear, while asking for seconds.


Finish what you’ve got and clean up your mess, then let’s talk about seconds.