Blinkoncrime Yelp listing

There is a Yelp listing for Shannon Stoy’s idiotic company.

Three Years

Three years ago, Shanon Christina Stoy printed a libelous article about me regarding the abduction of my neighbor’s daughter.

If you Google my name, three years later, her article isĀ  one the top hits. If you google my name with my city, there are countless mentions in internet forums with the wildest speculation imaginable about me. While she herself didn’t make those threads or posts, that is in a sense fruit from the poisonous tree. Threads based on erroneous information that originated with her are her burden and her responsibility.

I’ve made accounts at several forums to share my side of things, which it turns out was almost unneeded. It turns out that Blinkoncrime and Shannon Stoy are well known in the internet crime discussion community, and she isn’t taken seriously.

The forum that she associates with, Scared Monkeys, has by far the most illogical and functionally inept posters. I’ve tried to contact them and make an account there. Three years later my account is still awaiting activation. It’s telling that spouters of lies prefer to do it in an arena that they can control.

So three years later, all of this still follows me around on the internet. And it will continue for decades, likely. Anyone who searches my name will immediately read libel by Stoy, followed by untold speculation and ridiculous accusation, all a result of her libel.

She has the power to change some of that. She could either remove the article, which was my original request. She could publish a correction, which was my subsequent request. She could print the letter from police that I sent her directly regarding her “reporting”, which was my last request.

Any of those would go a long way toward mitigating the damage she’s done to my reputation. The albatross hung around my neck was placed there by her, and it’s her responsibility.

The answer to the question, “Does Shannon Christina Stoy care that her libel will follow a man for decades?” is answered by her refusal to take any action. She doesn’t.

Thanks lady. Thanks a lot. The world needs unabashed liars, I guess.

Good Samaritan

I like stories like this.

Not to toot my own horn, but that’s the kind of guy that I am. I’ve pulled people from flipped over trucks. I’ve caught dogs and returned them home. I’ve given my shoes to shoeless homeless guys. I’ve helped gunshot victims on the street. I’ve changed countless tires on the side of the road and given many a stranger a ride.

And when my neighbor knocked on my door and said his daughter was missing, I left to help search for her.

Because of that search, Shannon Stoy took tid bits of police reports and published fabrications and insinuations about me. Then, when called on it and faced with her actions, she did nothing. To this day, her libel remains posted on her website.

I stop to help people in need. That’s the kind of guy that I am.

Shannon Stoy prints lies about people on the internet. The the kind of woman that she is.

Rolling Stone, Brian Williams and Blinkoncrime

Rolling Stone magazine recently retracted it’s expose on a sexual assault at a college campus. It seems their fact checking wasn’t up to standards, and after some scrutiny they retracted.

Brian Williams, a well known network talking head, is currently off air because of inconsistencies in his recounting of his time in a war zone.

When I hear mention of those two things in mainstream media, it always makes me think of Shannon Stoy and her libel factory, The key difference being, S. Christina Stoy never retracts, never corrects, never adjusts. It is hilarious to me that a person who possibly aspires toward journalism would leave such obvious evidence of low integrity and journalistic aptitude laying around.

But there it is. Search her website and the internet and it’s plain as day : She has a blatant disregard for the truth. It made me laugh when I first started looking into her, after she smeared my name across the internet. She has published under several names. Shannon Stoy, S. Christina Stoy, Christina Stoy, Blink. As I read more and more accounts by people with stories like mine, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that she was running from her reputation.

Journalists retract and correct. Blink changes her name.

Blink on Crime, Fear Monger

I read this article today and it reminded me of S. Christina Stoy and her fear mongering blog.

There are some parallels there that stuck out. I haven’t really followed the Food Babe, so I’ll reserve comment on her. But reading the story of an amateurish blogger who uses sensationalism and scare tactics to drive up her own site. The idea that her misinformation might be to the detriment of her readers doesn’t seem to deter either woman.

The line, “”What she does is exploit the scientific ignorance and fear of her followers,” seems a direct fit to Instead of scientific ignorance, I think Blink exploits the investigative procedural ignorance and logical impairments of her followers.

I’ve always known the world is full of snake oil salesman who will stoop to low levels to pitch their brand of ridiculousness. Now, when I read about another one, particularly on the internet, it immediately makes me think of Shannon Stoy.

Shannon Stoy – Tragedy Vampire

This morning on the radio I heard an interview with David Fincher, the director of Gone Girl.

He used a great phrase, that I believe describes Blinkoncrime and Christina Stoy. Tragedy Vampirism.

While outlets like Nancy Grace and Blinkoncrime will say they are working toward the public good and on behalf of societal interest, to the observant onlooker, it’s so clear that there is an ulterior motive. They are sucking away on the tragedy of life for their own fame and popularity.

Pay attention to the comments section of Blinkoncrime, as well as her postings. See how often she makes it about her. Shannon Stoy is not giving blood to the community of victims of the world, she sucking theirs.