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Blink on Crime : Fake News

I haven’t written or posted much on Shannon Stoy and her swindling blog in quite a while. My purpose all along was to make sure than any one who read the maligning, deceitful things she had written about me would have easy access to the truth. An unintended, bonus result seems to have been that Shannon/Christina/Blink Moser/Stoy seems to have largely stopped shelling out her exploitative, pandering drivel. This is understandable, as the musings of a fool are only entertained so long as people don’t know she’s a fool. It’s not that I’ve exposed Stoy as a lying fool, as it appears to have been well known within the community for a long time. But I’ve certainly made her history of foolishness easier to brush up on.

The recent hub bub in the elections about fake news prompted me to write again about Blinkoncrime.com. My Facebook feed is littered with discussion of fake news, as our president appears to be making policy based on it, and disseminates it himself. What I’ve come to see is exactly what I had done with Blink; it’s difficult to stop the spread, so rather combat misinformation with the truth. My conflict with Blinkoncrime.com has always been a conflict with fake news and disinformation, and I saw that same conflict play out on a national level as of late.

It’s hard to conceptualize, but it appears that critical reading is lacking among much of our population. Fake news articles, such as the ones on Blinkoncrime, are often easy to identify, though their perpetuation seems inevitable. In light of the fact that there will always be lying charlatans willing to spread fake news, like Christina Stoy, it seems the best tactic is to combat their efforts with the truth. That’s exactly what my campaign has been in my blog. And I’m glad to see it’s paid off.


Other People

Every so often, someone contacts me about Blinkoncrime and Shannon Stoy. Another person dragged through the mud.

It’s always the same thing. Someone sharing their experience, and thanking me for the information and posting I’ve done.

It’s bad enough that horrible things happen to people. Even worse, in a time of darkness, it’s very upsetting to find yourself assailed by crazy people on the internet. Questioning the things you say, digging into your personal life, coming at you and writing things about you as though they are half brained arm chair detectives with nothing better to do than spend their days harassing strangers via the internet.

Although you tell yourself that this is the case, that these people are ill informed, lonely, irrational and thoughtless, it’s still upsetting to read the things they write about you. The mountain of inane idiocy simply compounds the trauma you’ve been through.

I’m glad that, in the middle of that, I can be a slight solace to people. It’s a piece of comfort to start looking around and find out that you aren’t alone, that others have been through the same thing, with the same person. It’s truly not you, it’s her.

The latest story I heard was of Shannon Stoy harassing someone via social media, and disseminating misinformation. An upsetting and common story. One I hear regularly.

When I first read the moronic things that she’d made up about me, I was primarily angry that a reporter had written an article about me without contacting me first for my side of the story. Then, as I dug, I discovered that Shannon Stoy is far from a reporter, and that talking about people without considering anything other than her own sensational and ill informed narrative, is her forte.

So I compiled that information and made it easier to find for people.

It’s nice to get that feedback, to know that it has been effective.

Errors in Online Journalism and Blink on Crime

I’ve done alot of websurfing regarding Blink on Crime and Shannon Stoy. Having someone try to connect you to a child abduction via misinformation and lies is a pretty personal thing. She inserted herself violently into my life, and because her pseudo journalism is on the internet, she has her unscrupulous words hang over my reputation daily.

Something I found while searching for her gave me a laugh.


Blink is not a subject in that article, but a picture from her website is credited. That in and of itself is comical. I doubt that Shannon Stoy took that picture of Joe Paterno, but somehow she needs to be credited for it.

What is really comical to me is that the article is about errors in online reporting and the need to issue clear and transparent corrections. How hilarious that Shannon Stoy is credited for anything in an article about correcting mistakes.

Shannon Stoy was willing to fuel insinuation and indictment against me in her comments section, all based on her fabrications. But when I actually itemized her mistakes, suddenly she stopped posting my comments.

When faced with her mistakes, Stoy not only refused to correct them in a way that is considered commonplace for media outlets, she censored them in her comments section.

“These corrections should be transparent and accessible, regardless of how short a time the error appeared on the website, according to New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane. Rosenberg, of MediaBugs.org, suggests any correction of substance be mentioned in a note that appears at the top or bottom of the article.[25]

“Errors must be acknowledged”, said Silverman. “You can’t just go back and fix something, thinking that no one saw it. Someone always sees it.”[26]

Rosenberg said that for sites that publish correction notices as separate items of content, each correction notice should link to the article that was corrected, and each corrected article should link to the correction notice.[27]

Transparency is the key. Building and keeping the trust of readers in the digital world demands that online news sources be as transparent as possible. This showing of accountability will also give more credibility to the news site in the eyes of its users.”

Three Years

Three years ago, Shanon Christina Stoy printed a libelous article about me regarding the abduction of my neighbor’s daughter.

If you Google my name, three years later, her article is  one the top hits. If you google my name with my city, there are countless mentions in internet forums with the wildest speculation imaginable about me. While she herself didn’t make those threads or posts, that is in a sense fruit from the poisonous tree. Threads based on erroneous information that originated with her are her burden and her responsibility.

I’ve made accounts at several forums to share my side of things, which it turns out was almost unneeded. It turns out that Blinkoncrime and Shannon Stoy are well known in the internet crime discussion community, and she isn’t taken seriously.

The forum that she associates with, Scared Monkeys, has by far the most illogical and functionally inept posters. I’ve tried to contact them and make an account there. Three years later my account is still awaiting activation. It’s telling that spouters of lies prefer to do it in an arena that they can control.

So three years later, all of this still follows me around on the internet. And it will continue for decades, likely. Anyone who searches my name will immediately read libel by Stoy, followed by untold speculation and ridiculous accusation, all a result of her libel.

She has the power to change some of that. She could either remove the article, which was my original request. She could publish a correction, which was my subsequent request. She could print the letter from police that I sent her directly regarding her “reporting”, which was my last request.

Any of those would go a long way toward mitigating the damage she’s done to my reputation. The albatross hung around my neck was placed there by her, and it’s her responsibility.

The answer to the question, “Does Shannon Christina Stoy care that her libel will follow a man for decades?” is answered by her refusal to take any action. She doesn’t.

Thanks lady. Thanks a lot. The world needs unabashed liars, I guess.

Good Samaritan

I like stories like this.

Not to toot my own horn, but that’s the kind of guy that I am. I’ve pulled people from flipped over trucks. I’ve caught dogs and returned them home. I’ve given my shoes to shoeless homeless guys. I’ve helped gunshot victims on the street. I’ve changed countless tires on the side of the road and given many a stranger a ride.

And when my neighbor knocked on my door and said his daughter was missing, I left to help search for her.

Because of that search, Shannon Stoy took tid bits of police reports and published fabrications and insinuations about me. Then, when called on it and faced with her actions, she did nothing. To this day, her libel remains posted on her website.

I stop to help people in need. That’s the kind of guy that I am.

Shannon Stoy prints lies about people on the internet. The the kind of woman that she is.