Someone Knows Something

I just finished listening to season 5 of the podcast “Someone Knows Something”, and I really enjoyed it. The podcast is a done by David Ridgen, a fairly well known Canadian documentary filmmaker and podcaster. Ridgen revives cold cases and investigates them fresh.

The contrast between someone like Ridgen and Shannon Stoy (Blink) is glaring. Ridgen travels all around Canada, interviewing people involved, digging up old records, viewing the scenes he is investigating, and generally being hands on in his investigation. As well, he does a good job of avoiding sensationalism in exploring the various subjects, and retains an objective outlook on the case throughout the season.

In comparison, Shannon Stoy has touted herself as an investigator of various cases, seemingly all from behind her computer screen. In my particular case (when she accused me of being involved in the kidnapping of a child and posting lies about me over the internet) she made basic mistakes of geography and location, and published witness accounts that weren’t true.

In the course of defending myself against Shannon Stoy and her followers, I had the advantage of being willing to leave my house and doing a bit of actual leg work. Also I had the advantage of caring about actually being right, instead of caring about attention over truth (which is the hallmark of Blinkoncrime). Stoy misquoted a witness mentioned in documents, who immediately rebuffed the words she put in his mouth when I interviewed him. Stoy posted a map of the area, without ever being there, and made basic mistakes about streets and locations. She made several mistakes about locations that would have easily been avoided had she simply been in the area.

Ridgen never would have printed or released something like the drivel that came out of the now inactive Blink website, because he actually did the the legwork. The comparison between an actual investigative journalist and a loudmouth who sits behind a computer screen and cast accusations at strangers over the internet is stark.

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