Well said, and painfully unaware

“Her followers are motivated by rumors, suspicions and half truths just like the people committing these deadly shootings and sending pipe bombs. Any day one of the crazies…. could pick up a gun or mail a pipe bomb and perhaps end someones life…”

That was posted in the comments section of Blinkoncrime.com the other day. Those comments are critical of a Facebook page that the poster takes issue with.

What is amazing about those comments, is that they perfectly describe Shannon Stoy’s website. Shannon Stoy published my address, name, license plate number, etc. in connection with a child abduction (which has been solved), based on half truths and complete fabrications. The exact type of scenario described in the above post is the kind of scenario that Shannon Stoy created all the time on her website. Creating an atmosphere of “rumors, suspicions, and half truths”.