Blink on Crime : Fake News

I haven’t written or posted much on Shannon Stoy and her swindling blog in quite a while. My purpose all along was to make sure than any one who read the maligning, deceitful things she had written about me would have easy access to the truth. An unintended, bonus result seems to have been that Shannon/Christina/Blink Moser/Stoy seems to have largely stopped shelling out her exploitative, pandering drivel. This is understandable, as the musings of a fool are only entertained so long as people don’t know she’s a fool. It’s not that I’ve exposed Stoy as a lying fool, as it appears to have been well known within the community for a long time. But I’ve certainly made her history of foolishness easier to brush up on.

The recent hub bub in the elections about fake news prompted me to write again about My Facebook feed is littered with discussion of fake news, as our president appears to be making policy based on it, and disseminates it himself. What I’ve come to see is exactly what I had done with Blink; it’s difficult to stop the spread, so rather combat misinformation with the truth. My conflict with has always been a conflict with fake news and disinformation, and I saw that same conflict play out on a national level as of late.

It’s hard to conceptualize, but it appears that critical reading is lacking among much of our population. Fake news articles, such as the ones on Blinkoncrime, are often easy to identify, though their perpetuation seems inevitable. In light of the fact that there will always be lying charlatans willing to spread fake news, like Christina Stoy, it seems the best tactic is to combat their efforts with the truth. That’s exactly what my campaign has been in my blog. And I’m glad to see it’s paid off.