Three Years

Three years ago, Shanon Christina Stoy printed a libelous article about me regarding the abduction of my neighbor’s daughter.

If you Google my name, three years later, her article is  one the top hits. If you google my name with my city, there are countless mentions in internet forums with the wildest speculation imaginable about me. While she herself didn’t make those threads or posts, that is in a sense fruit from the poisonous tree. Threads based on erroneous information that originated with her are her burden and her responsibility.

I’ve made accounts at several forums to share my side of things, which it turns out was almost unneeded. It turns out that Blinkoncrime and Shannon Stoy are well known in the internet crime discussion community, and she isn’t taken seriously.

The forum that she associates with, Scared Monkeys, has by far the most illogical and functionally inept posters. I’ve tried to contact them and make an account there. Three years later my account is still awaiting activation. It’s telling that spouters of lies prefer to do it in an arena that they can control.

So three years later, all of this still follows me around on the internet. And it will continue for decades, likely. Anyone who searches my name will immediately read libel by Stoy, followed by untold speculation and ridiculous accusation, all a result of her libel.

She has the power to change some of that. She could either remove the article, which was my original request. She could publish a correction, which was my subsequent request. She could print the letter from police that I sent her directly regarding her “reporting”, which was my last request.

Any of those would go a long way toward mitigating the damage she’s done to my reputation. The albatross hung around my neck was placed there by her, and it’s her responsibility.

The answer to the question, “Does Shannon Christina Stoy care that her libel will follow a man for decades?” is answered by her refusal to take any action. She doesn’t.

Thanks lady. Thanks a lot. The world needs unabashed liars, I guess.

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