Thoughts on Christina Stoy the liar

My issues with Blink on Crime are well chronicled in this blog. It’s a pretty simply story.


Christina Stoy, the author, printed fabrications about me in regards to the abduction of my neighbor. Blatant contradictions of public record.

I’ve talked to the neighbor of mine she cites, who refutes her lies. I’ve presented her with a letter from Tucson Police, which was a direct response to her article. I’ve itemized her libel in direct correspondence with her.


But still, on the first page of Google results for my name, is her original article. No corrections. No retractions. No updates. Just lies.


As well, on the front page of Google, is a hit to the Scared Monkies forum, spreading the disinformation that Christina Stoy originated. I have attempted to contact the forum, I’ve submitted accounts in my own name to defend myself, yet my account is still awaiting approval. For nearly two years.

This fits the standard set by Christina Stoy. Slander names, print untruths, spread rumor, move on. Innocent people be damned.


This blog of mine gets alot of hits.


If you’re reading this, it’s because you were on, or another site that is commenting on it. It’s important that you know what kind of “reporting” you’re reading.


Christina Stoy read public documents about a child abduction. Without contacting her subjects, she published a mistake riddled “article” on her website, that completely misrepresented the truth in favor of sensationalism. When confronted with her mistakes, she first became aggressive, then ultimately stopped corresponding. She’s never corrected her mistakes or retracted.


You did not read reporting on, you read sensationalism. You read tabloid blogging.



1 thought on “Thoughts on Christina Stoy the liar

  1. She is not only a pathological liar but a halfwit as well. In order to inflate her importance she attempts to write in LE/Law jargon. In one piece she used “CI” and someone asked her what is a CI to which the utterly stupid broad replies “it’s a criminal informant.” There is no such thing. A CI is a confidential informant.
    What is really sad though, is that this abomination has children who no doubt are mortified that they are stuck with a mother whose only thing she is proficient at is lying. If she were related to me I would not breath the same air as her. .

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