Real World Consequences of the Liar Blink

My spouse is going to possibly move to a different school this year, to work with her Masters degree.


Any back ground check of her will very likely pull up the libelous Blink article. If you Google her name with our city, it’s on the front page. Even though we had no connection to the crime, and I’ve presented Blink with a letter from investigators that she admits is unprecedented, essentially clearing me of any wrong doing and thanking me for my Good Samaritan actions, Blink has taken no action. She hasn’t removed her article, she continues to link both our names, she hasn’t published an update correcting her mistakes and presenting the letter investigators wrote specifically to combat her libel.

So now, when my spouse goes for a new job, she runs a very real chance of not being hired because of a false and libelous “article” written by Shannon Christina Stoy. It blows my mind that people do things like this and still sleep at night. To smear the name of a complete stranger and effect her professional career for simple internet notoriety is despicable. I’ve read that Stoy criticizes what she calls my “stalking” of her. The fact that she equates my defense of her lies to stalking is telling. It’s all about her.


All I’ve ever asked is that she correct her lies and update with the communication from police, which paint a much different light of me.


It could have been that easy. Instead, she just sticks to her lies.


If this had happened within a year of her article, a libel lawsuit would have been a slam dunk. The libel attorneys I consulted with all agreed completely that the article and interview she posted are libel. It’s easy to prove, when someone so blatantly disregards public record as fact. The difficulty is that I could not demonstrate a monetary loss because of it, and that made a lawsuit a bad idea, as it would cost far more than it would yield in damages. It might force her to remove her article, but it would be to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.


Now, with the job search, it might be possible to prove those damages. Particularly over the course of a lifetime. The losses will likely be substantial for either of us, as this libelous article will follow us. But the statute of limitations has expired. So again, we’re left simply defending ourselves on the internet against a stubborn woman who doesn’t care who she tramples. And doesn’t care about the truth.

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