The Idiot Shannon Stoy

I see in her comments section that she’s exchanging with another subject from her sensational “reporting”. She censors her comments section, so his comment is deleted with only her response. This bit killed me.


“When you work as a criminal investigative analyst and journalist, very often people do not like what that churns out. Similar to yourself. That stalker you want to promote is old news, and btw, the piece I wrote that pissed him off- turned out the family named the same suspect I identified in it a year later.”


So, what she’s referring to I’m guessing is this :

“Isabel’s father said a family member, whom he won’t name, has refused to talk to the couple’s private investigator.

“It’s frustrating to run against a wall of this person has an attorney and they’re not going to let them speak a word, protecting somebody that we feel has a lot of information to give,” Sergio Celis said.

Sergio does not believe that person committed a crime but does have information of some kind.

“And if it has to be anonymous, so be it. We just want her home. We want our baby home. We want this nightmare over,” said Becky Celis, Isabel’s mother.”


In the banal mind of Shannon Stoy, that means that another subject from her piece, a family memeber, is a suspect. Although no one has named him. Specifically, the Celis family says he IS NOT a suspect. As well, TPD has stated that there is no one that is uncooperative. This is a release from the family, not the police. But of course, to twist reality to her agenda, Shannon Stoy continues to distort the truth. Her libel goes on and on.


Above and beyond that, in what sense does that justify the harm she did to me by linking my name with made up facts to a child abduction? It doesn’t.


“I made up facts and misreported public documents about a man in the same article that I named an actual suspect. So it’s ok.”


That’s the logic of Shannon Stoy.

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