Consecutive Days of Lying by Christina Stoy

One day until the one year anniversary! How exciting! As with yesterday, I’m going to include more content than usual.


From her latest discussion about the rescuing of Amanda Berry.

I dunno, but my hero of the week is Charles Ramsey.”

No harm there. He’s everyone’s hero this week. No harm, that is, unless you’re Christina Stoy.

Given her track record, she’s not allowed to say things like that. Charles Ramsey took action when he heard someone in trouble, and that action brought four women back to their families. When a citizen get’s out of his home and takes direct action to try to help  a person in need, whether a car wreck or an abducted woman, that person is a hero. We can all stand together and say, “That guy is a hero!”.

Except for Christina Stoy. I got up, left my house, searched my neighborhood for an abducted child. She has yet to be found.

Rather than to simply let me be, or to say, “Good job”, what did Christina Stoy do? Lets’ see :

That’s right. She tried to connect me to the abduction rather than the search.

What about when I provided her with a letter from the police? And corrected her mistakes?

Well, that seems like a good time to say “Hey, I got it wrong. Sorry I tried to connect you to the abduction instead of the search, using false information.”

Nope. Stuck to her guns.

If Christina Stoy thinks Charles Ramsey is a hero (he is, no question), she is a hypocrite (not shocking). A small twist of circumstances, and rather than calling him a hero, she’d be slandering his name across the internet, as she did mine.



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