Blink on crime

Blink really cut her libelous teeth on the Casey Anthony trial. She’s rehashed it recently, and a poster on her site had the following comment about about the man who found her daughter, Roy Kronk.


I’m at a lose (sic) as to what would prevent someone from helping to discover the location of a missing child.”


I think it’s very funny that, on a website prone to witchunting, this comment was made with the follow up :


I honestly just don’t know of any reason why he wouldn’t want to offer this theory up …at least no good/honest reason. Any ideas people?”


Yes, tiberious, I have a good idea. People like Christina Stoy exist in the world, who will twist benign circumstances to fit her sensationalist agenda. Maybe the thought that people like that exist deter some people from becoming open and active in the search fro victims. While that would never deter me, having been through it with, I can see why a person might choose to play his cards close to his chest. and speculative, tabloid websites like it which capitalize on the tragedies of others for profit and proliferate trial by media are a huge part of the problem.

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