From her the comments section of her article about me (, Christina Stoy posted :


It is time for LE to release additional details. I beg them to do better than so many cases we see lately that have released details after 20+ years.


Given that she totally botched her coverage of the document dump by Tucson Police, and she has refused to print the exclusive release of the letter from Tucson Police that I gave her, I wonder why she wants more information.

I would think that before moving on to tackle more information by LE, she would be better off correcting her mistakes from the existing release, and publishing the exclusive release I shared with her.

Of course, that is not the MO of Christina Stoy or Blinkoncrime. Rather, she’ll just keep blundering along.


At the very least, she had posted her original article as a two piece article, but never followed through with the second piece. She’s like a child who threw part of her dinner on the floor, still has some dinner on her plate, is trying to put her fork in her ear, while asking for seconds.


Finish what you’ve got and clean up your mess, then let’s talk about seconds.

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