What is Blinkoncrime hiding?

After she published this article and interview (http://blinkoncrime.com/2012/05/29/isabel-celis-abduction-breaking-news-docs-show-blood-in-bedroom-police-eye-family-and-neighbor/#more-6208) I contacted the author, S. Christina Stoy.

I identified several factual inaccuracies. I made Ms. Stoy aware of these in her comments section. She refused to publish my correction of her inaccuracies.

Obviously, having someone lie about you as it relates to a police investigation for a young child’s abduction is upsetting. So I contacted Tucson Police. They sent me a letter. I sent that letter to Blink on Crime. Yet again, she refused to publish.

The letter and my correction can be found here : http://www.justicequest.net/forums/showthread.php?t=67045

Reading the letter from TPD, and comparing the reporting of Ms. Stoy to the actual documents she’s reporting on, three things are clear.

1. I had no connection to the abduction of Isabel Celis.

2. Ms. Stoy got a few important things wrong.

3. Ms. Stoy refuses to correct, retract or update her reporting.

Ms. Stoy covered the abduction of Isabel Celis with numerous articles. She identifies herself as a journalist. So when I broke a communication from the Tucson Police Department exclusively on her site, it would seem natural that she’d publish it. And when I contributed exclusive information from the day of the abduction that clarifies and corrects her reporting, it would seem natural that she’d publish. That’s exciting stuff in journalism. Insider information! Exclusive!

Oddly, despite substantial developments (namely, the correction and clarification of key facts to her reporting, and a letter from the head of detectives regarding my association with the case), Ms. Stoy is silent.

Reporters report developments. Reporters correct mistakes. And reporters live for the inside information (such as the letter from TPD). But once her mistakes were pointed out to her, and TPD cast her suspicions away from me, she fell silent.

Ms. Stoy was very vocal when using distortions of the truth to drag an innocent man’s name through the mud. But when the time came use the actual truth with input from the actual police to clear that man’s name, Ms. Stoy is unwilling to contribute.

So, what is she hiding? There must be a reason she’s refused to correct or retract her mistakes, and publish the letter from TPD.

She hasn’t verified authenticity.

This would be the mostly likely response from Ms. Stoy. While fact checking did not prove important for her initial reporting, it may be that she’s turned a new leaf and is actually interested in getting the story straight. Let’s address this directly.

Her mistakes.They are clear and undeniable. It’s a matter of saying 1=1. No witness identifies me as she describes. No where in any documentation can that be found. Her locations of both tunnels and clothing are incorrect. No verification other than simply reading the police documents is required.

The letter from TPD.It’s clearly on letter head. It’s signed. A simple correspondence with TPD would likely verify it.

It’s been 4 months or so. Ms. Stoy has put more content on her website, purporting to have done more research on other stories. I think in that time, she’s had enough opportunity to fact check the letter.

So it must not be a matter of authenticity or fact checking. What else might she be hiding or protecting?

Pride and reputation.


That seems ridiculous, but it might be the case. Ms. Stoy made some glaring mistakes, she has egg on her face, maybe she’s just hiding her head and hoping it will go away. The thing I find interesting about that, is that this is a lesson many of us learn as children. When you make a mistake, apologize and move on. It’s the right thing to do. We are all humans, we are not perfect, we get things wrong sometimes. As good people, we apologize, offer to make peace, and move forward. It’s an important part of growing as people.

It seems Ms. Stoy has adopted an alternative approach. Namely, stick to her guns, stick to her lie, and become aggressive. Maybe she feels that by admitting fault, she will appear diminished to her readers. The funny thing about that, is that sticking to her lie diminishes her appearance significantly more than simply correcting her mistakes.

As ridiculous as it seems to most adults, this might be the case for Ms. Stoy. As I said, humans are not perfect. And humans are prideful creatures. Some much more than others. 

While I think pride likely has something to do with it, I think there must be something else. What else might she be protecting or hiding? Or if not hiding, might she have some other motive for maintaining her lie?

She doesn’t care about the truth.

That seems crazy doesn’t it? It does to me. A “news” based website that doesn’t care about the truth. Crazy. But it seems the most obvious answer. 

Ms. Stoy spent a good amount of time publishing, promoting and defending her mistakes. When it came to promoting disinformation and untruths, Ms. Stoy was productive. She created graphics on a map (which were inaccurate). She gave an interview. She published an article. She spent a good amount of energy promoting disinformation.

The exact opposite has happened with the truth. She has devoted no time to promoting the truth in this matter. She has actually defended her disinformation and made no attempt to promote the facts. And by refusing to publish either my corrections of her libel, or the letter from TPD on her website, you might even say she is trying to hide and obscure the truth.

So what does she care about, if not the truth?

I’m going to guess that Ms. Stoy cares primarily about Ms. Stoy. She got what she wanted. She used disinformation and lies to attract traffic to her website, she got what she wanted.

The fact that the content she used to achieve this is false and inaccurate is inconsequential to her. She doesn’t care that she got it wrong.

While this seems disgusting to me, that a person would knowingly smear and demonize a good samaritan for personal gain, I think it’s likely. Her actions here very clearly define her intentions and motivations. Ms. Stoy publishes a website for personal gain, profit, notoriety and popularity. She does this under the auspice of true crime reporting, but in reality, she’s desecrating the names of victims, marginalizing the work of actual journalists and investigators, and actually victimizing bystanders such as myself. From what I’ve read about her around the internet, this is a well known and shared opinion, and rather than notoriety, Ms. Stoy has achieved infamy.

That’s what Ms. Stoy is hiding. She has abused the truth, abused her readers, and abused me. Ms. Stoy is abusive, and I am just another of her latest victims. The worst part about that, is that she doesn’t appear to be doing it unintentionally. She’s doing it on purpose.

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